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The university is one of the most important educational institutions concerned with the preparation of cadres and charted for the collection of scientific and investment opportunities for the development of society in general.


The importance of graduate studies in the overall development, both economic and social, can only be achieved by the development of the human element, and is the foundation of any development. From this point of interest originated creation of some graduate programs that can serve the community and keeping in view the labor market in order of the graduate regulations.


This cannot be done without the cooperation of everyone to discover graduate programs of high quality and competence to keep up with the needs of development in order to build a knowledge society which will be able to steer development. As Graduate Studies objectives we seek to achieve graduates who skills list of graduates which are as follows:

1. Care of Islamic and Arabic studies and the expansion of its research and work on the dissemination

2. To contribute to the enrichment of all branches of human knowledge through specialized studies and research hard to reach additions innovative and practical scientific and disclosure of new facts.

3. Enable outstanding students of the university graduates to continue their higher studies locally.

4. Preparation of the scientific and professional competencies specialized and highly qualified in the various fields of knowledge.

5. Encouraging scientific skills to keep pace with the rapid progress of science and technology and push them to achieve creativity and innovation and the development of scientific research and guidance to address issues of Saudi society.

6. To contribute to improving the level of undergraduate programs to interact with graduate programs.


In addition to this the Graduate Studies offers supervision, scholarship programs and follow-up all scholarships situations, and administers programs in a discipline, and coordination with the views of supervision at their headquarters.

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