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Vision, Mission, and Objectives


To provide graduate programs of highest quality with diversity and compressive standards.


To work for the endowment and development of graduate programs of high quality in various disciplines. Work hard to help university students earn superior skills and expertise in their respective fields thus to meet the needs of the community and there by achieve progress and gain knowledge through outstanding scientific research locally and globally.



The philosophy of higher education in general is for the development of knowledge and skills of the students, and encourage the spirit of scientific research and methods, in order to provide the community cadres competencies specialized in a position to participate actively and building a society institutionally developed in various areas of political, economic, social, health, cultural and technological developments that have become a characteristic of this era.

The Deanship of Graduate Studies at Salman bin Abdulaziz University objectives are as follows:


  1. To contribute to the enrichment of all branches of human knowledge through specialized studies and research hard to reach additions innovative and practical scientific and disclosure of new facts.
  2. Develop Standards and policies for all matters related to graduate studies.
  3. Enable outstanding students of the university to continue their postgraduate studies locally.
  4. Organize and follow-up of scholarships by the university for higher studies within and outside of the Kingdom, as well as envoys abroad for training.
  5. Preparation of the scientific and professional competencies specialized and highly qualified in the various fields of knowledge and try to exploit the self- potential and the development of natural resources of the country.
  6. Encouraging scientific skills to keep pace with the rapid progress of science and technology and push them to achieve creativity and innovation and the development of scientific research and guidance to address issues of Saudi society.
  7. To contribute to improving the level of undergraduate programs to interact with graduate programs.
  8. Care of Islamic and Arabic studies and the expansion of its research and work on the dissemination
  9. To produce graduates linking to the essential needs of the development plan short-term and long-term and to achieve its objectives in accordance with the needs of the community and the environment in which we live.
  10. Amalgamation of restrained scientific research base built on trying to solve scientific problems in all fields and henceforth-directing students to choose useful research that contribute to solving the problems of the society and attending to the difficult issues of local and international markets.
  11. Developing interest in the field of experimental studies to meet the educational, social problems and economic needs to develop appropriate solutions for these problems and to reach scientific results to help its recommendations to overcome difficulties and obstacles and work to remove them.
  12. Activating the undertaking and review of authoring, translation, scientific references, textbooks, and publication in scientific journals local and international.
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